Swipe. Tap. Donate.

Swipifylets website visitors donate to your charity in just 8 seconds flat. Turn lost users into loyal donors.

The Swipify Difference

Find out all about Swipify with our explainer video below…

The Problem with Charity websites:

Countless people leave at the checkout page when they’re donating online, leading to charities losing out on thousands of donations every year.

How Swipify Fixed it:

A blazingly fast widget that sits anywhere on your site allowing people to donate securely in 10 seconds using Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Stripe Checkout or PayPal.

Say Hello to Swipify.

Users swipe the image across, revealing the effect of their donation. They then tap and donate within a few seconds. Simple.

They get an automated receipt, with all donor data sent to your secure dashboard, where you can export it.

Collect the same, if not more data than a traditional checkout. Use on any page across your site.

Getting started is simple:

Sign up in a few minutes and make your campaigns (10 minutes)

Sign up for free and get access to a secure admin portal and performance dashboard. From there, make your campaigns, add your images and select your charity’s brand colours and visual style, which your widget will reflect.

Add a few lines of elegant code anywhere on your site and watch the Swipify widget appear. (5 minutes)

Drop some code onto your website and connect your Stripe account. We’re GDPR and SCA (strong customer authentication) compliant out of the box. If you need any help, our on-hand specialists can talk you through every step of the process via a Zoom or Google Meet call.

And you’re live! Sit back and collect donations.

Watch customers swipe to donate via your bespoke Swipify widget and see all donation data in your dashboard, with the option to export data and view insightful analytics to plan your next campaign.

Convenient for donors wanting to donate quickly:

92% of Swipify users complete their donation.

Perfect to promote via social media. Send users to your website, where the Swipify widget will be waiting for them, on desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile.

Allow users to cover the processing fees.

Let users choose if they want to make their donation 100%, meaning they pay the small Stripe fees, leaving more for your charity to do great work.

Swipify Features

A 15-minute setup process

Swipify is built for simplicity. It’s designed to be working and live within 15 minutes.

A secure charity portal

Your dashboard shows donation data and performance stats, and is fully exportable.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal and Stripe

We work with the best, so have integrated leading payment providers into our DNA.

Customise to your charity colours

Stand out or blend in – it’s up to you. Every widget is fully customisable to your style.

Gift Aid, marketing & GDPR compliant

Collect Gift Aid and build your marketing email list, all while being GDPR compliant.

Generate an instant QR Code

Generate a QR code that sends people to your Swipify widget. Perfect for events.

We don’t charge a commission % on your donations.

0% commission. Just subsidised Stripe fees and a flat 30p per successful donation.

Small Charity


✅ For charities under £15m/year

✅ Full access to Swipify

✅ Onboarding support

✅ Flat 30p per donation

✅ Unlimited swipes

✅ 3 unique widgets

Growing Charity


✅ For charities over £15m/year

✅ Everything in small

✅ Prioritised onboarding

✅ Negotiable flat fees

✅ Free 1-week push on paid social

✅ 5 unique widgets

Large Charity


✅ For charities over £30m/year

✅ Everything in ‘Growing’

✅ Personal account manager

✅ Access to custom API integrations

✅ Free 1-month push on paid social

✅ Unlimited unique widgets

GDPR compliant and SCA (strong customer authentication) approved.

Sign up for a free trial

Make an account in under 60-seconds. We don’t need your credit/debit card.

Personalised onboarding

Our team is on hand to help with the integration with 1-1 Zoom calls.

A stream of donations

Install Swipify on a high traffic page and watch donations pour in daily.


Does Swipify take over my checkout page?

No. We don’t touch any of your website code or features. You just pop a few lines of Swipify code on the page you want it to appear, and it’ll materialise there for every visitor. Most clients keep their own checkout, but use Swipify for high traffic pages, like blog posts that are ranking well on Google, as a quick donate option on their homepage, or a campaign landing page that has received some press.

What about desktop? Not all my users are on mobile

Swipify works across both mobile and desktop. As swiping is a little strange on desktop, for laptop/PC users, it’s a simple ‘tap to donate’. It still uses Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal and Stripe. With most (65%) of browsers being Chrome, on desktop it’s usually Google Wallet that people donate with, as it’s already saved in their browser.

Does Swipify charge a commission per donation?

We do not charge a percentage per donation. It’s just a flat 30p. Whether it’s £30 or £300, we’ll only ever take 30p for every successful donation. We think it’s fair, transparent and gives smaller charities the freedom to use us.

How secure is my data?

We take security very seriously, so have built Swipify to be highly robust and secure. We host all data in secure UK data centres, and your dashboard is only available to you with your password. No one else, including Swipify developers, our hosting partners or third parties get access to donor data.

How much can I tinker with my widget?

You can change your widget’s colours to match your charity, and also select your own ‘pre swipe’ and ‘post-swipe’ images to match your campaign.

You can change the slider from a circular slider to a square block, and also change whether you want to collect Gift Aid info and marketing preferences.

You can also choose whether to ask donors to top up their donations to make it truly 100%.

We also let you choose the minimal donation amount naturally, and how much each tap of the ‘+’ button increases the donation by. The result is a widget that looks and behaves as if it lives naturally on your website.

Export all data with a tap. Swipify doesn’t miss a beat.

✅ Name

✅ Email

✅ Address

✅ Last 3 digits of card for reference

✅ Campaign donated to

✅ Marketing preferences

✅ QR Code for every campaign

✅ Making donation 100% preference

✅ GiftAid preferences

✅ Time and date stamp

” We added Swipify to the site and made an extra £7,000 in donations within a few days. It’s super impressive and was really simple to setup. “

Zain Sultan, Islamic Help, Head of Operations

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